Custom Window Replacements. Discover the difference new windows can make in your home. Whether you are looking to replace your current windows or get the right look for that new home – we have the perfect solution for you. Energy efficient windows installed into your home can save you money. Studies have shown that these windows can save you as much as one-fourth to half of the power that is needed to heat or cool your house.

Ready to select custom replacement windows for your home? Ready for a new look? Improved energy efficiency? A more cohesive design?
If your answer is yes, your next step is to select the right window styles for your home. But, if you’re not a home renovation professional, the wide range of window terms might seem confusing and lead to more questions like:

Double Hung Windows

If your first question is “what is a double hung window,” you’re not alone. But the terminology becomes a lot more understandable once you know that a single hung window has a fixed upper sash, with only the lower sash moving up and down.

Bay & Bow Windows

Technically, a bay or bow isn’t actually a single window. Bay and bow windows are constructed of a series of double hung, casement or fixed (picture) windows set side by side. The definition of a bay window vs. a bow window is simple:

Picture Windows

The name matches the function here: picture windows frame the outside view, providing a sort of living picture of the outdoors.


Horizontal slider windows, another favorite of mid-century design, operate like single or double hung windows but slide horizontally (left and right) instead of vertically (up and down). Sliders are available in several different configurations, such as two sashes that both slide or a stationary sash with one or more sashes that slide.

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