A Guide to Choosing Frameless Shower Doors that Work

When you think back to which rooms you spend the most time in,  the bathroom probably ranks pretty high on that list. So doesn’t it make sense that your’s would be somewhere you want to spend time? A simple thing like installing beautiful frameless shower doors can help turn your bathroom into the tropical oasis you deserve. Here at Keller Glass and Mirror, we know it can be confusing with all of the different options out there. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 frameless shower doors to help you navigate through the chaos of bathroom renovation.

Alcove Shower Doors
corner frameless shower doors installed by Keller Glass and Mirror
Corner Shower Doors

1) Corner Shower Doors
Corner showers doors are a great way to open up your bathroom. These sleek shower doors have a way of opening up a room and making it feel huge. They’re also more aesthetically pleasing because no one wants to take a long hot shower in a room they hate. Not only that, you’ll get to throw away those gross, old, oldy shower curtains.



2) Alcove Shower Doors
Have you got a conveniently tucked away alcove shower, but you’re sick of those old shower curtains? Frameless alcove shower doors could be the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom.



Hinged Shower Doors
In-line Shower Doors

3) Hinged Shower Doors
For individuals who are looking for a more traditional expression of their style, these doors can be the perfect addition to your home. The simplicity of hinged doors with the clean frameless glass will really add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.




4) Frameless In-line shower doors
One of the best things about frameless in-line shower doors is the way they seamlessly blend into an existing wall. They’re particularly popular among homeowners who enjoy nice crisp and clean lines.



To learn more about your frameless shower options, give us a call at (817)-377-1964.

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